Thursday, April 8, 2010

Personally Vanilla a.k.a. Reviler Revolution

I guess now that I started the blog I should consider writing in it...on it...and maybe even sharing it. Hmm.

I was chatting with a friend on facebook last night and sent her a link. When I did it asked me to type in two random words to verify whatever. I decided songs or stories or posts should be written with titles taken from those two words.

The first example--Personally Vanilla.

Then there's:

Motion Cockerel
Ratner That
Adjusted Below
In Sloshes
The Numerals
Mopping Prime
Outtake Drawing
Mr Numbs
Dent Wearily

(I am not making this up. Try for

Ghandi Organics
Economic Misdoings
About Plumpest
Gershwin Today
Pride Million
Who Disaster
Forehead Doodled
District Snowshoe

Okay, I'm obsessing. But from now on, if I'm at a loss for words, I have this list and many others from which to choose titles.

I leave you tonight, with my favorite:

Reviler Revolution


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