Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old, Old Writing--Fish Sticks

Fish Sticks

I'll never forget that day
when we met in the
frozen foods section, and
Baby, you gave me a chill.

Is it just coincidence, sweetheart
that we were both
gonna buy those
crusty fish sticks?

I guess not baby...
Cuz now we rent an
apartment together
and share our macaroni.

But I'm keeping the cheese, babe.
Yeah, I'm keeping the cheese.
Have all the noodles you want, babe,
Cuz I'm keeping the cheese.

Of course this started a fight,
and of course it brought up
those damn
crusty fish sticks.

So now I'm alone...
with my cheese
thinking of you
and our meals together.

But I went shopping today
with the last of my rent money
and met a new babe
in the hardware accessories aisle.

That's aisle 8, babe.

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